Image of jura 24233 Claris Smart+3er Filter cartridge 3 pc(s)

jura 24233 Claris Smart+3er Filter cartridge 3 pc(s)

The intelligent water filter with the plusCoffee consists of 98 percent water. Accordingly, its perfect quality for a perfect coffee result is elementary. With CLARIS Smart+ JURA is revolutionizing water filtration. The technology of the water filter ensures a plus in hygiene in the fully automated coffee machine - even in the water tank. With CLARIS Smart+ you can increase the protection, product safety and the service life of your fully automated coffee machine. For perfect coffee pleasure every day.At its lower end, the CLARIS filter cartridge also has a depot with natural active substances that stabilize the water in the tank and thus reduce calcifications in the area of the tank bottom. This works completely without any additional energy or influence, only by the natural movement of the water in the tank through which it always flows through the depot easily. The upper part of the CLARIS filter cartridge for brewing coffee with ion exchange and activated carbon filters exactly the amount of water required for a perfect cup of coffee.The plus in hygiene and cleanlinessCLARIS Smart+ complements the tried and tested professional flow principle, which filters exactly the amount of water required for each brewing process, with a depot of natural ingredients. The plus: Due to its natural movement, the water flows through this depot easily and is stabilized by the contact. This results in less scale build-up and ensures maximum cleanliness in the water tank.Suitable for any tap waterThanks to the innovative formula, the filter cartridges are suitable for every tap water world-wide. The highly effective granules always filter lime to the optimum quantity (even at low water hardness) and reduce harmful and taste-impaired substances such as chlorine as more efficiently than ever before. Minerals and fluorides, which act as an important flavor carrier, are retained. Optimum anti-lime stabilization in the water tank and the efficient filtering of the coffee making process ensure optimum hygiene and water quality for a perfect coffee aroma.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 49.99

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