Image of Women's Sexy Spell Caster Costume ID SLS2166-L

Women's Sexy Spell Caster Costume ID SLS2166-L

Lesson Learned Learning magic is serious business. If you don't keep your head in the game,  students of magic can make some pretty tricky mistakes. Just last week, a group of first-year students got into some books that they shouldn't have and ended up transforming their classmate into a cat. The same month, a boisterous wizard was showing off his hovering skills and ended up zooming around the room like a balloon with a hole poked into it. If students step out of line, they might end up squawking like a parrot for a week or fighting off a plague of pixies. Now that you've graduated to master spell caster, you're through with all the little mistakes. You've learned a few lessons. You know the ropes. Walk into your next spell-casting session with confidence while rocking this sexy spell-caster costume! Product Details This sexy witch costume will make you feel ready to charm everything and everyone. The costume features a romper with a separate pleated skirt cinched with a maroon and gold striped tie around the hips. The connected top has decorative buttons up the front. The dress bares the midriff along the sides with a criss-cross of faux leather over top. A high-neck collar is accented with a tiny striped tie and a badge printed with a courageous lion. Complete with a robe over the halter-style dress, this costume is a sexy take for a magical costume! Witchy Wardrobe While this costume is charming enough on its own, it can be paired with a range of accessories to perfect your magical look. Tights and thigh-high socks, wands, and a round pair of glasses as shown in the photo can make this costume stand out. Just remember to be careful where you wave that wand. You hold a lot of magical power in your hands!

Price: USD 79.99

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