Image of Women's Premium Plus Size Wayward Witch Costume ID FUN3822PL-4X

Women's Premium Plus Size Wayward Witch Costume ID FUN3822PL-4X

Which Way To Wayward? Between good witch and bad witch, it's always been more fun to be wicked. You can never make everyone happy all the time. Letting loose with a wicked attitude is a great way to set yourself free. Now, we're not suggesting you go and threaten the little girl down the lane and her little dog too. We doubt she'll get the reference. We're just saying that maybe it's time to be a little more selfish. Say no when it comes to volunteering for the school party. Then, show up and scare everyone as they're leaving. Or, if you're really feeling powerful, tell your mother-in-law how you really feel about her meddling in your affairs. Oof, how's that for scary? Maybe our wicked ideas aren't as good as yours would be. If you're looking to find your way to wayward, this classic witch costume will point you in the right direction! Design & Details Designed by our creative team, this Made-By-Us witch costume was created to help you tap into your wicked nature. You'll love the details such as the adjustable laced bodice and the puffed sleeves, creating a classic witch persona that looks right at home on a broomstick. The costume arrives ready to stir up trouble with a cape and a cone-shaped hat. This high-quality witch costume is meant to be used again and again, providing you with years of wicked fun! Spell It Out Are you ready to invest in your magical wardrobe? We're so happy for you. If you want to be ready for your role as the neighborhood witch, this costume will take you to the next level. But of course, you can't go wrong completing this look with a broom for getting to those coven meetings in style. Wayward ways, here you come!

Price: USD 104.99

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