Image of Women's Plus Size Sexy Blue Dragon Ninja Costume ID LE85401BX-1X/2X

Women's Plus Size Sexy Blue Dragon Ninja Costume ID LE85401BX-1X/2X

Not Seen, But Not Heard People think of ninjas either in the historical sense, when they fought against the tyranny and oppression of the Samurai ruling class, or in the secret society, underground assassin’s sense. What people don’t realize is that ninety five percent of ninjas alive today exist as completely normal members of our societies. You may not see them, but they are there! They are the ones who are responsible for most of the small, unexplained thigs that happen in our day to day lives. Can’t find that extra sock? A ninja took it because they needed it for their costume. Not sure what happened to that package of cookies you bought? That’s because even a ninja has to eat! So, if you ever find something that you can’t explain, just remember that there may be a mischievous ninja prowling around nearby! Blue Them Away If you think that you might like to get away with causing some unexplainable mischief of your own, then this Sexy Blue Dragon Ninja Women’s Plus Costume is the perfect thing for you! This well constructed bodysuit comes in sizes from 1x to 4x and is covered in awesome ninja-esque details. The dragon insignia and the armored bracers both give you that extra pow that makes you feel like a real ninja! Gone in a Flash If you are looking for the perfect ninja costume, then this is the one. It has all the hallmarks of belonging to a pupil in a real ninja dojo, without all the hassle of being entirely invisible. Now you just have to learn all the fighting skills that go along with it! Hyah!

Price: USD 59.99

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