Image of Women's Plus Size Popular Witch Costume ID FUN1470PL-2X

Women's Plus Size Popular Witch Costume ID FUN1470PL-2X

Simply Bewitching You may not realize it, but not all witches are green in the face, dressed in tattered rags, and out to cause mayhem. Some are lovely, lively creatures who participate in pageantry and balls and make people's dreams come true! If that's the kind of witch you want to be, then this Plus Size Women's Popular Witch Costume may be just up your broomstick (made of solid gold, no doubt!).  In truth, being a pretty, popular witch means you'll spend a lot of Halloween breaking down stereotypes and winning over new friends, but that's the fun of it! And no one will be able to resist your magical presence in this fetching gown — it's almost as though you've put a spell over the entire Halloween party and converted them into believers of the good witch. Wait...have you? That's a pretty neat trick! Design & Details We asked our in-house design team for a totally bewitching look, and they delivered, sparing no detail! The result is this exclusive costume that drapes you in ice-blue ruffles and shiny details. Each ruffled layer is accented by blue sequin trim, as is the bust. The dress features a structured underskirt for a full gown effect, as well as off-the-shoulder draping for a look that's ready to be swept away to a Halloween ball! Spellbinding Appearance  Now that you've captivated your crew this holiday, maybe you should consider entering the Miss Bewitching pageant. We hear this year's prize package is huge — and we think you'll win it all, no contest! 

Price: USD 79.99

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