Image of Women's Plus Size Poisonous Villain Costume Dress ID PKPK451XL-1X

Women's Plus Size Poisonous Villain Costume Dress ID PKPK451XL-1X

Botany Babe  Ugh, most superheroes are too accidental for your taste. They either are born with their powers or they stumble into them through a huge accident. It takes skill to do what you do - you're not a well-known scientist for nothing. Some people might say that your last experiement went very wrong and caused you to become a "eco villainess," but you prefer to see the resulting mutation as an unexpected but welcome result. Plus, it gave you your favorite outfit ever. It's basically a win-win (for you, not for the people who get in your way).  Product Details You'll be as seductive as you are scary in this beautiful Women's Poisonous Villain costume! Your alluring outfit includes an emerald green minidress covered in sequins that hugs your form in a flattering way. Perhaps you're wondering how you're supposed to defeat superheroes in such a slinky gown, but not to worry - with the ability to literally root people to the ground, you can take your sweet time and even throw in a supermodel walk while you're at it. The sleeveless dress features sequined shoulder straps and matching fingerless gloves that keep your hands clean during your dirty work. A slit up one side of the skirt increases your already incredible powers of attraction. The dress's hem, slit, and neckline are sewn with faux ivy leaves that match the included ivy crown that you can pin on top of your hairdo of choice.  Handle with Care  Look poisonously lovely at your next costume event! Your friends will be happy to know that you're perfectly safe to approach (probably. Unless they're do-gooders with a thing for bats.) 

Price: USD 99.99

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