Image of Women's Alluring Ninja Costume ID SLS7002-XL

Women's Alluring Ninja Costume ID SLS7002-XL

Modern Missions Ninjas used to have some serious missions. They'd slip into fortresses and assassinate high-born Samurai leaders, right in the middle of places that were considered safe, like dinner parties. Then they'd slip away like they were never there. Now, we don't live in times like these anymore. But there are other reasons to be sneaky these days. Slip by your roommate and into your room before she can interrupt your good mood with her list of complaints. Sneak into the V.I.P. section at the club for a celebrity sighting and some free Champagne. Creep past your significant other with an armful of purchases before they can guess just how much you spent on that sale you we nt to. It turns out, you're great at all these modern missions. Ready to embrace your inner ninja side? Do it with style and those that you sneak around in life will finally understand the value of your sneaky side! Costume Details This sexy ninja costume is unique with a fishnet body stocking that really makes an impact. The bodysuit features black hot pants with a panel down the front. The cropped top portion of the bodysuit has sleeves that are shaped like the shoulders of lightweight armor. The back of the costume zips up neatly, making it easy to slip into. Complete with faux leather gauntlets and a face mask to keep your identity private, this look will make you feel like a powerful ninja! Out from the Shadows Are you ready to step out of the shadows and show your sneaky side with pride? Top this costume off with all sorts of ninja prop weapons. From an accessory kit to foam nunchucks, you can curate your look to your taste. Now there's just one more question. What's your next mission? 

Price: USD 69.99

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