Image of WiZ Hue LED outdoor wall light Classic RGBW 95 W RGBW

WiZ Hue LED outdoor wall light Classic RGBW 95 W RGBW

What precisely is WiZ?Wiz constitues a Plug & Play solution for smart lighting at home. Unlike other systems, WiZ does not require an extra gateway. It enables lighting control both via remote (aka WiZmote) and smartphone app.Add some extra ambience to your place and surprise your friends, visitors and yourself with some stunning light effects. Change the light colour, and experience your home in an entirely new way.This weather-proof, mains-operated outdoor wall lamp combines a classic rectangular look with a futuristic performance. Light up your front garden, garden, balcony or your terrace with a 1,000 lumens of strong light in beautifully dynamic colors and adjustable white light. Works with your existing WLAN and WiZ lamps and lights.Instant set-up of your entire smart lighting systemConnect your new lamps to your existing WLAN and you can access all the smart functions. You can control lights when you are not at home and schedule them to switch them on and off automatically. No additional hardware is required. As long as the controller is within the range of the WLAN, all the connected lamps can be controlled completely even outside the WLAN range.Matter certifiedThis product is Matter certified. You can set up and control it with your preferred Smart Home platform. It works seamlessly with other Matter-certified devices.Automatic functions for a sense of protection and safety through the outdoor lightingSet up your outdoor lighting so that it goes on automatically every day before you get home. This way you can see your environment clearly and get a feeling of security. Or set the lights so that they go out automatically in the morning when it is no longer needed. This saves energy and money.The perfect lighting scene for outdoor useCreate a perfect light atmosphere with different color and white light settings for beautiful moments in the garden. New scenes are quickly saved with the APP, remote control or voice.Beautify your garden with millions of colors and dynamic modesMillions of light colors from energizing cold white to gentle warm white provide the ideal atmosphere for your outdoor activities. Certainly you will also find a preset dynamic light mode like ocean, forest or Party, in order to create a special atmosphere and to lift the mood.Control your outdoor lighting as you likeWiZ offers many options for controlling smart lamps. Easily use your smartphone or voice to match the lights wherever you are. Works with Google home, Alexa and Siri shortcuts.Optimal outdoor performance (IP44)This WiZ outdoor light has been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure its suitability for outdoor use. It was developed especially for different weather conditions from intense sunlight to strong rainfall.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 89.99

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