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Virtuous Educational Research ID 324939783035396744

Author - Julian Stern
Adult - Educational Theory - 2016/06/16 - Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften
This is a book of conversations with researchers working across Europe, the USA and Africa. It aims to illuminate the lived reality of educational research on a wide variety of topics, including family life in rural South Africa, support for self-harming students in the UK, character development in the USA and Korea, educational leadership in the UK and China, philosophical analysis of education policy, and much more. The book is for and about researchers and is built around a set of conversations with the author - a fellow researcher. Researchers work at the frontiers of our knowledge and understanding of the world, and frontiers can be dangerous places. How are the researchers' personal qualities - virtues such as courage, honesty and kindness - tested and exemplified in their work? The conversations presented here explore the experience of research and ask what qualities are needed, or wished for, in order to successfully face its challenges. There are many books that include lists of what to do and what not to do when carrying out research. Here, in contrast, we find out what really happens and why - and what it takes to keep going.

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