Image of Valley of Shadows ID 101169781462835065

Valley of Shadows ID 101169781462835065

Author - Lois Chisholm
Adult - Nonfiction - 2009/10/30 - Xlibris US
Cassie despised rudeness. Every new job brought challenges. She discovered the parents often needed more training than the children. The nanny wanted no sympathy for her scars. Her aunt and a three-legged cat had taught her to love. She simply wanted people to respect others. She had a way to get their attention. "Madam wishes to speak with you," Melvin said in his stiff way. Cassie brought the child down the front stairs. She passed through the elaborate dining room and entered the kitchen. She left the upstairs maid to watch Joey. "Yes, Madam." She stood close to the pompous woman. "I see the uniforms fit nicely. We do prefer starch, but we can overlook that. However, that hair…that hair. You must do something with it!" The uncaring attitude was more than Cassie could take. She reached to the crown of her head, yanking the wig upward. In a flash, it was extended at the end of the nanny's long arm. "Here…what shall I do with it?" She went to care for the child, while the butler and maid revived Madam.

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