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To the River ID 101209781450284363

Author - Sam Habash
Games - Entertainment - 2011/01/19 - iUniverse
The exciting and challenging game of Texas Hold'Em Poker is gaining more followers daily-both young and old-who enjoy competing, bluffing, and most of all, winning. In this guidebook for both novice and experienced poker players, an avid poker player combines his knowledge of the game with his expertise regarding stats and probabilities to provide all possible outcomes of the cards, ultimately helping poker players around the world improve their chances of winning. Sam Habash has been playing poker since he was a young boy, but in the last ten years, has focused mainly on improving his Texas Hold'Em game. He draws on his ability to gather and analyze statistics to provide poker players with probabilities and payback information. While offering little-known statistics like the likelihood of having an ace or king show up in a hand (62%) or the odds of receiving a pair (6%), Habash leads players through many different scenarios like the chances of receiving a second pair, flush draw, or complete straight. The expert advice offered in this unique reference manual will help any poker player gain the extra advantage to come out ahead in their next game of Texas Hold'Em!

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