Image of Tipsy Elves Shamrock Women's Leggings ID TIPTEWP55-S

Tipsy Elves Shamrock Women's Leggings ID TIPTEWP55-S

In a Pinch Saint Patty's Day is the perfect, laid back holiday. You aren't pressured to go all out but you can. You get to celebrate to the level of your desire. You can wake up early, throw your corned beef and cabbage recipe into the crockpot, and whip up some bright green breakfast shakes. You might run in a local Saint Patrick's 5K. Or You can simply join your friends for a pint or two of green beer. Either way, there's one thing you simply can't forget. You'd better throw on some green or you just might get pinched! Product Details No matter what else you're wearing, these gorgeous shamrock leggings are easy to slip on! The elastic waistband keeps you comfortable and the material moves with you whether you're jigging in the pub or jogging in a 5K. With comfortable leggings like this, you might want to wear them all year long.  Green is Gold Do you know that rumor pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Finding a pot of gold would be great but do you know what's even better? Chasing that rainbow! You'll feel so fun and comfortable when you slip into these Saint Patricks Day leggings that you're sure to feel lucky!

Price: USD 29.99