Image of The Umbral Calculus ID 399209780486153421

The Umbral Calculus ID 399209780486153421

Author - Steven Roman
Calculus - Mathematics - 2013/06/18 - Dover Publications
Geared toward upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, this elementary introduction to classical umbral calculus requires only an acquaintance with the basic notions of algebra and a bit of applied mathematics (such as differential equations) to help put the theory in mathematical perspective. Subjects include Sheffer sequences and operators and their adjoints, with numerous examples of associated and other sequences. Related topics encompass the connection constants problem and duplication formulas, the Lagrange inversion formula, operational formulas, inverse relations, and binomial convolution. The final chapter offers a glimpse of the newer and less well-established forms of umbral calculus. 1984 edition.

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