Image of The Prodigal Son (Murillo) by Murillo

The Prodigal Son (Murillo) by Murillo

Murillo's great talent for dramatic painting is apparent in this monumental depiction of the familiar parable of the prodigal son, an allegory of repentance and divine forgiveness. With players and props effectively placed to underscore the drama, it is reminiscent of a well-staged theater piece. Murillo's model was the life around him; part of the appeal of this canvas lies in its human touches - the realism of the prodigal's dirty feet, and perhaps most of all, the ingenuous smile of the little urchin leading the calf. This beautiful matted 11" x 14" is framed in an ornate gold frame under premium clear glass. | The Prodigal Son (Murillo) by Murillo

Price: USD 52.95

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