Image of The New Sporting Magazine Vol 2 nos 7 - 12 November 1831 -April 1832 & The Racing Calendar 1831 Nim South Sylvanus Swanquill "Q" Albert Engelh ID 30116908708

The New Sporting Magazine Vol 2 nos 7 - 12 November 1831 -April 1832 & The Racing Calendar 1831 Nim South Sylvanus Swanquill "Q" Albert Engelh ID 30116908708

Half-leather with rubbed marbled boards and marbled end-papers, gilt lettering and decoration on spine, split on rear joint but both covers are securely attached, plate and page 3/4 are together detached, plate at page 82 is partially detached, block binding is otherwise sound, clean pages, end-papers and plates. Detached plates are a little ragged on the leading edge. All plates are present, these are: Title vignettte showing a Hare; Woodcock Shooting; The Wild Boar and the Sau-Finder, A View on the Klein, Winterburg, Saxony; Chorister, Winner of the St. Leger 1831; Rabbit Shooting; Trim, a celebrated Sussex Spaniel; The Teal; Goint To Cover; Orelio an Imported Arabian; Wild Fowl Shooting; Smoker, a celebrated deerhound; Beiram, first favourite for the Derby; The Haunts of the Ibex. Contents include (some topics noted in earlier numbers also feature in later numbers but are not listed again here): November 1831 No. 7: Fox-Hounds in Great Britain, for the Year 1831 with the Countries They Hunt and Names of the Masters; The Kent and Surrey Hounds; Remarks on the New Game Bill; November; Review of the Shooter's Companion; The Coach Dinner; Abstract of Spring Gun and Man Trap Bill; Abstract of Hackney Coach Bill; Horse-Dealing; Sporting Reminiscences - Fishing; Sporting in Germany; On the Unfair and Unsportsmanlike Destruction of Foxes by Masters of Fox-Hounds; A Scene in Fairyland - Interior of a Wild Beast Show; The Sussex Harriers; Hymeneals; Editor's Scrap Book; Racing - Newmarket Dirst and Second October Meeting; The American Sporting Magazine - A Fox-Hunt in America; General Monthly Miscellany - The Turf - Decisions of the Jockey Club etc. December 1831 No. 8 Reviews; A Day with Surrey Staggers - Mr Jorrocks again; Chamois Hunting In Switzerland and the Mountainous Districts of France; Grouse Shooting - The Northern Poachers - The Hermit of Edmondbuyers - Moors of Northumberland and Durham; Egdean Fair near Petworth, Sussex; A New School of Painting; Observations on the Lords' Amendments to the Game Bill; The Road; The Editor's Levee; Letter from Sylvanus Swanquill; Racing - Newmarket Houghton Meeting; Mr Osbaldeston's Match; Curl Paper Stanzas; Miscellany - The Chase - Legal Decisions - Betting at Tattersalls - Hay and Corn Markets; New Game Bill (bound at rear). January 1832 No. 9: Review of Johnson's Sportsman's Dictionary; Anatomy of the Horse; The Chambermaid's Lament; The Antiquity and Advantages of Field Sports; My First Paper; A Day at Newmarket - Mr Jorrocks); Letters on Hare Hunting; January; Nim South's Tour; The Racing Season of 1831; The Teal; Character of Hunting Countries - The Mostyn Hunt; Miscellany - Aquatics - Obituary of Stallions in 1831 - Coursing Meetings - Game Market. February 1832 No. 10 A Monstrous Clever Fellow; Mottos for Omnibuses; A Day's Shooting in Yorkshire - Jorrocks; The Olympic Games; A Page Upon Love; Snipe Shooting; Racing in Van Dieman's Land; Hunting Countries - The Duke of Beaufort's; The Progress of Racing in England; A Kill with the East Sussex; The Four Sporting Magazines; Miscellany - The Essex Stag Hounds and the Oakley Hunt etc. March 1832 No. 11: Wild Fowl Shooting; The Last Day of the Shooting Season; Jarvis and Mrs Cope; Letter from Mr Smith Jun. to Mr Smith Sen. (with woodcut).; Hunting Countries - Warwickshire; Valentine's Day and a very hard frost; The Tale of the Omnibus; Nimrodia; March; Miscellany - Leicstershire - List of Stallions for 1832 - Cockney Club etc. April 1832 No. 12 A Short Reply to a Long Address in the Old Sporting Magazine; Account of the Arabian Horse Muscat; Stanzas on the Death of Mrs Musters; Hunting Countires - The Atherstone; Singular Case of Zoology; Whittlesey Mere; Stanzas to My Ass; A Day with the Surrey; Sporting in Cumberland, Keswick; Fine Arts, Eclipse Gallery of Illustrious Race Horses; A Line From Jorrocks; The Haunts of the Ibex; An American Hint; April; Nimrod's Reply; Dashwood's Toureen or a Few Days in the West; Proposals for a Pain

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