Image of Tenergy 12V 10A LiFePO4 Battery Charger

Tenergy 12V 10A LiFePO4 Battery Charger

.red {color#F00;font-weightbold;}Features:Intelligent charger designed for 4 cell LiFePO4 battery packs. CPU control and pulse width modulation (PWM) technology, charging current and output voltage is controlled accurately to ensure fully-charged and avoid over-charging. Built-in cooling fan to ensure charger long service life. Safety protection Over Voltage ProtectionShort Circuit ProtectionOutput Reverse ProtectionCharging time Charging Time= (1.41 * Ah rate of the pack) / 10A charge currentBuilt-in IC to cut-off power automatically when battery is fully charged. LED indicators LED 1 = Red = Power OnLED 2 = Red = ChargingLED 3 = Green = Fully Charged User Instructions Check the output plug of this charger and make sure it is not loose.Before charging, please connect the charger's alligator clips to battery firstthe "red" clip connects to the POSITIVE pole and the "black" connects to the NEGATIVE pole. After, connect the input power plug to the indoor power supply.The charger applies the intelligent charging method of constant current and constant voltage. The charger will automatically shut off when battery is fully charged. Unplug the input power supply then disconnect the output clips.When charger is not in use or finished charging, be sure to unplug input power supply.Indictor LED instruction "Charging" indicator shows "red" under normal charging state. It turns into "Green" when the battery is fully charged, the battery can be put into use at this time.The charging voltage of this charger is 12V, and shut-off current is 1A. It can only be operated when connect with not fully charged battery. Includes Battery Charger Power Cable ManualTechnical Specifications:Item 4 Cell 14.6V (12V) 10A Charger Model TN1210JL Max Output Power 240W Output Voltage 14.6V ??0.02Vdc Output Current 10A Rated Input Voltage 110Vac Input Voltage AC90-135V Constant Voltage 14.6V??0.2V AC Input Voltage Frequency 50??60 Hz Constant Current 10A??1A Constant Voltage 14.6 Vdc, 10AShut-off Current 1A Power Efficiency ??90% (Vin=110Vac, rated load) Over Voltage Protection YES Software Over Voltage Protection The charger software limits the maximum output voltage to a level suitable for the connected battery system Thermal Protection N/A Current Limiting Protection YES (At CC Mode) Reverse Polarity Protection When output wires are reversely connected to the battery the chargerwill not operate and will work normally when DC wires are correctlyconnected Electric Strength Test Input-Output 1500Vac/10mA/1 min (No Breakdown) Isolation Resistance Input-ground ??10m??@500Vdc Isolation Resistance Output-ground ??10m??@500Vdc Leakage Current

Price: USD 55.99

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