Image of TCX R04D WP Black White 43

TCX R04D WP Black White 43

Why choose the TCX R04D WP Black White? The TCX R04D WP Shoe/Sneaker is part of ChromeBurner’s protective footwear collection. What is not to love about a great motorcycle shoe? They are comfortable, an eye catcher for style gurus and above all much safer than your daily pair of sneakers. Motorcycle Shoe/Sneaker are an important piece of your gear, they protect your feet and finish your outfit and you can wear them all day! This is exactly what the R04D WP provides! This Shoe/Sneaker fills the gap between style, protection and comfort and will therefore especially cater to the needs of Urban/Street riders. However, if the R04D WP are not right up your street, check out our other motorcycle Shoe/Sneakers from TCX. () TCX R04D WP construction These Shoe/Sneakers are not as technically advanced or as stiff as racing or motocross type boots, and that's fine. They don't need to be, the R04D WP gets you ready to ride without sacrificing everyday function and comfort. Do not worry though, they are compliant with CE requirements for motorcycling and provide the needed protection in form of an Ankle cup. Besides protection, the R04D WP provides Fixed, T-Dry waterproofing and in terms of ventilation they are equipped with Mesh panels making them perfect for your 4 Season riding gear collection. The Laces, Velcro ensure a good fit and secure closure. TCX R04D WP looks The R04D WP can be worn both on and off the bike, it is important you feel comfortable wearing them and that they fit your style no matter what you are doing. That's why the R04D WP are available in Black, White If this is not the color you are looking for don't worry we have plenty of other color options for the R04D WP right here! ()
Noir - Microfibre

Best Price: CAD 144.92

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