Image of Stranger Things Eleven Dress Costume for Women ID RU700031-XS

Stranger Things Eleven Dress Costume for Women ID RU700031-XS

To Every Season  Do you constantly argue with your best friend about which season of Stranger Things is better? You pal insists that Season 2 is where the show really begins to heat up and take shape. But you're old school; it's the Upside Down and frozen waffles, or bust.  The great news is you can both dress like Eleven for Halloween, and still pay homage to your respective favorite season of the show! Your friend can wear El's overalls and plaid shirt combo from Season 2, while you can enter the party in this Adult Stranger Things Eleven Dress Costume! Together, you two will be unstoppable! Honestly, two El's side-by-side would be almost too much power to imagine. Product Details  This licensed look will instantly transform you into everyone's favorite...girl?...superhero?... government experiment?....we're not really sure what to call her. It's a perfect replica of El's now-iconic pink dress from Season 1, including the white Peter Pan collar and front smocking. You'll either want to sport a wig or, you know, shave your head to make this look authentic (We're all in favor of going all-out for authenticity, but really think that move through, first. Even Millie Bobbie Brown freaked out a bit when she did it, and she was being paid). Add knee-high socks and a box of frozen waffles and prepare to keep your Stranger Things Season 1 vs. 2 debate going all night long!  Friends Don't Lie  So, we're glad you and your pal have come to an arrangement that works. But remember: friends don't lie. Eventually, you'll have to tell your friend the truth: that Season 1 is simply better. It's nice to give them this opportunity to try to prove their point, but allowing them to go through life thinking Season 2 is better is just plain wrong. 

Price: USD 44.99