Image of Spidi Power Carbon Gloves Black Größe 3XL

Spidi Power Carbon Gloves Black Größe 3XL

Spidi Power Carbon Gloves Black The Power Carbon gloves from Spidi combine the thrill of speed with cutting-edge protection. Designed for both street and circuit use, these gloves meet the rigorous EN13594:2015 KP CE safety standards. With carbon fiber armor across the knuckles and robust goat leather construction, these gloves are built to shield and perform under pressure. The inclusion of advanced synthetic suede adds another layer of abrasion resistance, ensuring durability and safety in every ride. Features of the Spidi Power Carbon Gloves * CE Certified Protection: Compliant with (UE)2016/454 Regulation, these gloves ensure superior protective qualities against impacts and abrasions. * Carbon Fiber Knuckle Armor: High-strength carbon fiber provides exceptional protection to your knuckles, absorbing and distributing shock efficiently. * Goat Leather and Microfiber Suede: Premium goat leather paired with high resistant suede microfiber offers extended durability and protection while maintaining comfort. * 360° Velcro Strap: A secure wrist closure system that ensures a snug fit, enhancing overall glove stability and protection. * Ventilation System: Equipped with punched mesh fabric and 3D mesh panels for enhanced air flow, keeping your hands cool even during hot rides. * Touchscreen Friendly: Stay connected without the hassle of removing your gloves, thanks to the touchscreen-compatible index fingers. Extras of the Spidi Power Carbon Gloves * Easy Pull-On Tab: A specially designed flap allows for quick and easy glove wearing, perfect when you're eager to hit the road. * Padded Comfort: Additional padding on the palms and back of the hands increases comfort and shock absorption, making long rides more enjoyable. * Lightweight Design: Weighing just 0.1 kg, these gloves offer heavy-duty protection without the bulk, ensuring agility and ease of movement. Want to see more? Then look at our Spidi gloves () category page.
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