Image of Spidi J&Dyneema Evo Blue Dark Used 38

Spidi J&Dyneema Evo Blue Dark Used 38

Our first AAA denim jeans, maximum safety with casual look. Previous J&Dyneema has been a best seller despite its premium price, we believe this will be a bigger success thanks to triple A certification, 2 colors and same comfort. Because of 13oz Black Dyneema (not white as in previous model) we are now able to make different washing, thus giving the jeans a contemporary look and a better touch-feeling. We changed the fit into more similar to J-Tracker, our number 1 selling jeans with a fit appreciated all around the world. We remind here that Dyneema® is the ultra-lightweight fiber up to 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40-percent stronger than aramid fiber weight for weight. Jeans knee protectors are removable and adjustable in height, 10 cms. (inner jeans); reflective area on the bottom, keyholder  and updated labelling compare to previous modelProtectors: Warrior Lite on knees and hips. Class AAA certification.
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Best Price: CAD 316.74

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