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Skull & Bones Europe PRE-ORDER Uplay CD Key

Skull & Bones is a tactical action game by the Shanghai branch of Ubisoft, in which the player takes on the role of a beginner pirate trying to gain wealth and fame. Developers are not new to productions of a similar genre - previously they created, among others the naval combat segment for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and the experience from that title transferred to a completely new brand. Skull & Bones, released on the PC, PS4 and XONE platform, combines a large, open world and an emphasis on multiplayer gameplay.  Gameplay The production of Ubisoft Shanghai takes place in the times of the so-called the golden age of piracy in the waters of the Indian Ocean. In Skull & Bones, the player takes on the role of a corsair commanding his ship, who builds his reputation and accumulates more and more loot by succeeding in skirmishes at sea. We start the game with a single ship, but as we progress, we accumulate the entire fleet. Ships are divided into classes that differ, for example, in maneuverability, range of guns or durability. Each of them can also be equipped with additional elements, increasing the combat suitability or simply making the appearance more attractive. During the skirmishes in Skull & Bones, the ability to use sea currents and wind, cooperation with partners and appropriately selected tactics are rewarded. It is also important to use different types of ships for the corresponding tasks. In addition to the ability to exchange fire from afar, the game also offers the option of ramming other ships or boarding, which requires good positioning and timing, but if successful, it allows you to repair some of the damage. Game modes Skull & Bones s is a game set in an open world, where you can fight against artificial intelligence and other players. Among the multiplayer modes is Loot Hunt, in which two teams of five ships fight to take the accumulated wealth from the enemy. However, gaining an advantage over the enemy is not a guarantee of victory, because powerful, very durable ships of pirate hunters may stand in our way; in that case, you have to run away. Players can form teams with their friends and hunt for more loot together or, on the contrary, betray and rob each other.

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