Image of Shenandoah 1862 ID 102809780807832004

Shenandoah 1862 ID 102809780807832004

Author - Peter Cozzens
United States - Military - 2008/10/10 - The University of North Carolina Press
One of the most intriguing and storied episodes of the Civil War, the Valley Campaign has heretofore only been related from the Confederate point of view. Cozzens gives equal attention to both Union and Confederate perspectives. He offers new interpretations of the campaign and the reasons for Jackson's success, demonstrates instances in which the mythology that has come to shroud the campaign has masked errors on Jackson's part, and provides the first detailed appraisal of Union leadership in the Valley Campaign, with some surprising conclusions. Moving seamlessly between tactical details and analysis of strategic significance, Cozzens presents the first balanced, comprehensive account of a campaign that has long been romanticized but never fully understood.

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