Image of She-Devil Women's Costume ID DR12540-M

She-Devil Women's Costume ID DR12540-M

Heaven Can Wait Making your way back down Jacob’s Ladder was no easy feat. You had to shove a lot of people out of your way as you descended back to Earthward! Though you had just climbed all the way to heaven, you took one look at the pearly gates and decided that it wasn’t for you after all. Why is heaven even in a gated community? Boy, were you surprised, though, when your feet touched the ground and you immediately sprouted horns and lost your halo! Ah well, it will be worth it to roam the world in the chic, alluring fashion that you are used to. Product Details If you are looking to heat up your attire, why not try something that is both devilish and will still make you look like an angel, like this Women's She-Devil Costume. This dress has all the details that would make you fit right in with all the devilishly good-looking folks around here. From the jagged hem with a rakish asymmetric look to the pentagram at the top, you will feel like you are hot as fire all night long! The headband has the horns that will only add to the overall aesthetic, giving you that last bit of iconic and cool atmosphere that will make you the hit of any party. Devilishly Good Looking If you are looking for a costume that will make you feel as good as you look, then you have come to the right place. There is nothing better than this Women's She-Devil Costume to mark you out as someone who is going places!

Price: USD 69.99

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