Image of Segura Nikita Gloves Black Size T10 EN

Segura Nikita Gloves Black Size T10 EN

Segura Nikita Black Gloves The NIKITA glove by SEGURA isn't just any accessory; it's a testament to the fusion of functionality and comfort tailored for the open road. Crafted with a mix of textile and leather, these gloves strike the perfect balance between durability and lightness, ensuring your journeys are nothing but enjoyable. At the core of NIKITA lies unmatched safety through its waterproof membrane, essential for those mid-season rides. The glove's wrist tightening feature secures a snug fit, while palm reinforcement offers added protection. With the Sensor System for electronic device usage and a grip that promises control, NIKITA stands out with its unique silicone embossing, showcasing a sleek, contemporary roadster design. Designed for the biker who dares to defy, NIKITA is the blend of comfort, safety, and style you've been seeking for your rides. Specifications of the Nikita * Exterior Composition: Boasting an 84% goat leather makeup complemented by 9% polyester, 4% polyurethane, and 3% polyamide, the NIKITA gloves offer resilience and flexibility, essential for navigating the challenges of the road. * Thermal Wadding Lining: The 100% polyester fixed liner equipped with thermal wadding ensures your hands stay warm, offering thermoregulation without compromising on breathability or comfort. * Waterproofing: A high-quality waterproof membrane shields you from the elements, making these gloves a reliable companion for unpredictable weather conditions. * Sensor System: Stay connected without the hassle. The Sensor System allows for touchscreen interaction, so you're always in touch without ever having to remove your gloves. * Optimized Grip and Wrist Tightening: Enhanced grip and adjustable wrist tightening ensure a secure hold and fit, providing both safety and comfort during rides. * Protection: Reinforced palms offer added protection, making every journey safer. * Homologation: Certified to EN 13594 1 standards, these gloves meet strict safety criteria, ensuring peace of mind on every ride. Extras of the Nikita * Eco-Conscious: With a lining made from 100% REPREVEĀ® recycled polyester fibers, NIKITA gloves not only protect your hands but also the planet. * Mid-Season Versatility: Designed for the mid-season, these gloves offer the perfect balance of warmth and breathability, adapting seamlessly to changing conditions. * Unmatched Style: The unique silicone embossing and premium materials blend to create a glove that looks as good as it performs. Looking for gloves that offer the perfect blend of style, comfort, and protection? Contact us (). Curious to explore more? Check out our Segura gloves () for gear that complements every ride.
Black - Goat leather,Polyester

Price: AUD 113.40

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