Image of Segura Hunky Gloves Black Blue Talla T13

Segura Hunky Gloves Black Blue Talla T13

Segura Hunky Gloves Black Blue The HUNKY motorcycle glove by SEGURA is the quintessential accessory for the contemporary biker who values style just as much as comfort. Designed specifically for men, this glove skillfully merges textile with leather, ensuring both durability and a long-lasting appeal. Ideal for the warmer months, its lightweight and breathable fabric keeps you cool on the go. Featuring the Sensor System, these gloves allow for touchscreen usage without the need to remove them, ensuring a solid grip and a snug fit with its adjustable wrist system. Moreover, it doesn’t skimp on safety, offering both a protective shell and palm reinforcement to safeguard your hands during any unexpected spills. Styled with a mix of denim and goat leather in shades of blue and black, and adorned with the brand's emblem, the HUNKY gloves are not just gear but a statement, perfectly pairing with HUNKY pants and jacket for a complete look. For bikers seeking premium gear that doesn’t compromise on elegance or comfort, whether cruising through the city or embarking on longer rides, HUNKY stands out. Features of the Hunky * Material Composition: Combining 56% goat leather for its superior durability and softness, with 17% cotton, 14% nylon, 10% polyester for flexibility, and 3% polyurethane for enhanced fit. This blend promises a glove that's both robust and comfortable for any ride. * Liner: A 100% polyester fixed liner, crafted from REPREVE® recycled polyester fibers, offers breathability and comfort, underscoring SEGURA's commitment to sustainable and functional design. * Touchscreen Friendly: Equipped with the Sensor System, enabling you to use touch devices effortlessly, ensuring you stay connected without ever having to remove your gloves. * Grip and Fit: Designed with a focus on grip and an adjustable wrist tightening system to ensure a perfect fit and complete control over your motorcycle at all times. * Protection: Features a protective shell and palm reinforcement, providing top-notch safety and peace of mind, knowing you're well-protected against abrasions and impacts. * Certification: Achieving the EN 13594 standard certification, the HUNKY gloves meet the highest safety and quality standards, ready for any adventure. * Designed for Summer: Tailored for summer use, their construction ensures optimal ventilation, keeping your hands cool during hot rides. Extras of the Hunky * Urban Chic: The unique combination of denim and goat leather, along with the SEGURA logo, elevates your look, blending seamlessly with the HUNKY pants and jacket for a cohesive and stylish ensemble. * Eco-Conscious Design: With a liner made entirely from REPREVE® recycled polyester, choosing HUNKY is a step towards more responsible motorcycling gear choices. * Seamless Connectivity: Stay in touch and navigate your devices with ease, thanks to the integrated Sensor System, merging safety with modern necessity. Looking for more information on this standout product? Get in touch with us (), and let's gear you up for your next ride. Interested in exploring further? Dive into our Segura gloves () collection.
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