Image of Schneider Electric Stepper motor ILE1R661PC1A5

Schneider Electric Stepper motor ILE1R661PC1A5

Built-in drive of the Lexium ILE1 series. This range of distributed drives consists of a compact unit of the brushless DC motor and the associated control electronics with small dimensions. These engines are characterized by a high current-free self-holding torque. This EC motor has a maximum torque of 0.36 Nm and a continuous torque of 0.26 Nm. The voltage-dependent speed is up to 4800 rpm. The control takes place via an RS485 interface. A single-turn encoder with 12 points/revolution is available as a measuring system. Control inputs for STO are available as a safety function. The supply voltage 24-36 VDC and the flange dimension for mounting 66 mm. Industrial connectors are provided for connection. An angular worm gear with a reduction ratio of 24:1 is mounted on the EC motor. Thanks to the Green Premium eco-label, you can get detailed information on material content, environmental impact and recycling management that support your sustainability goals.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 3475.00

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