Image of Schneider Electric Servo motor BMH1403P17A2A

Schneider Electric Servo motor BMH1403P17A2A

BMH servo motor of the Lexium 32 servo drives series. The BMH series of three-phase AC servomotors has a mean rotor moment of inertia and is perfectly adapted for applications with high loads. Owing to the winding technology, a very high power density results in a compact design This servo has a nominal continuous stop torque of 22.5 Nm and achieves a peak torque of 72 Nm. Its rated speed is up to 3000 rpm depending on the supply voltage. This results in a voltage-dependent nominal power up to 4370 W. The built-in encoder is designed as a multiturn with 16 periods/revolution (16x1024x4096) as SinCos Hiperface. The electrical connection is made via plug connector 2x M23, angled to 90° and rotatable. The motor flange is 140 mm for attachment. The drive shaft has a diameter of 24 mm. The shaft end is designed as a key and conforms to the IP54 protection class. The motor housing conforms to protection class IP65. There is no holding brake. The servo amplifiers of the Lexium series LXM32 are recommended for operating the synchronous motor. Thanks to the Green Premium eco-label, you can get detailed information on material content, environmental impact and recycling management that support your sustainability goals.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 4775.00

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