Image of Schneider Electric A9D47625 RCBO

Schneider Electric A9D47625 RCBO

Error current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection (FI/LS) Acti 9 IDPN H Vigi, 10kA (IEC/EN 61009). 1-pole+N, rated current 25A, C characteristic, ground fault sensitivity 30mA, ground fault protection class type A, Operating voltage (Ue) 230V AC, insulation voltage (UI) 400V AC. Provides comprehensive protection of final current circuits against overcurrent and fault currents. Switching and disconnecting of circuits. Jumber switching for low wear switching of the contacts. Mechanically separated red indicator for tripping of the circuit breaker or for tripping due to a residual current. Clear indication of switch position by green marking on the operating toggle of the device. Test button for regular function check. Technology of the triggering unit- thermo-magnetic. Additional stackable auxiliary modules (optional) - undervoltage release (IMN), overvoltage release (iMSU), working current release (IMX), auxiliary switch for status message (IOF), error alarm switch (ISD). Tool-free assembly on the left side of the device. Colour tone RAL 9003. The FI/LS IDPN H Vigi complies with the following standards IEC/EN 61009 and IEC/EN 60947-2. Moreover, this series is VDE certified!This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 169.99

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