Image of Red Light Therapy Lamp Device 660nm 850nm Infrared Light Therapy for Pain

Red Light Therapy Lamp Device 660nm 850nm Infrared Light Therapy for Pain

Descriptions The characteristic is that it has 630nm 660nm and 850nm at the same time with larger concentrated energy and stronger penetration ability which is suitable for physiotherapy of small area and concentrated area Treatment range Used in dermatology surgery gynecology burns otolaryngology Dermatology herpes zoster alopecia areata lower limb ulcers bedsores phlebitis erysipelas boils dermatitis folliculitis acne paronychia rosacea anal itching frostbite and various condylomas etc Surgery wound infection abscess ulcer prostatitis lumbar muscle strain anal fissure frozen shoulder soft tissue contusion scald induration of the hip after injection burn and healing after surgery etc Gynecology chronic pelvic inflammatory disease adnexitis cervical erosion vulvar leukoplakia genital itching cystic hyperplasia of the breast acute mastitis nipple erosion postpartum infection and postoperative recovery etc Internal treatment pediatric diarrhea ischemic heart disease chronic gastritis pediatric pneumonia neuralgia etc Otorhinolaryngology chronic rhinitis tonsillitis otitis externa laryngitisBurns Department II゜ burns infections and surgical healing Small area local physiotherapy is very suitable Treatment Mechanism This therapeutic instrument produces photosynthesis has strong energy and deep penetration and achieves biological effects It can promote the solidification of diseased tissue proteins in a short time an

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