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Red Hot Liar ID 100439781617738654

Author - Noire
Adult - Romance - 2014/12/30 - Kensington Books
Urban erotica has never been hotter!" -Nikki TurnerShe's an heiress to a mega-fortune. But expert con-mami Mink LaRue will have to go beyond the top of her game to win the biggest hustle of all. Now that Mink has pushed her way to the front of the line to capture the Dominion family's oil billions, her life has become a luxurious whirl of easy money, fine whips, and sparkling jewels. But she'll need to come out of a whole new trick bag in order to throw shade on her sizzling swerve with Suge, her uncle-by-marriage only. Meanwhile, Suge is going toe-to-toe with the Dominion's oldest adversary, whose shameless mudslinging could cast dirt on their family name and ruin their good fortune forever. His chosen ally is a gorgeous ex-girlfriend-a woman Mink will need her every conniving wile to out-score. But scandalous secrets that could change con-mami Mink's life forever are just about to boil over. "Noire's versatile storytelling keeps the urban erotic genre hot!" -Kiki Swinson, bestselling author of the Wifey series "Noire knows all about street slang, scams, strip clubs, and fierce sex bouts. This is top-of-the-line street lit." -Library Journal on Natural Born Liar (starred review)

Price: USD 10.79