Image of ROKKER Rokkertech Tapered Slim Grey L34/W36

ROKKER Rokkertech Tapered Slim Grey L34/W36

Why buy the ROKKER Rokkertech Tapered Slim Grey motorcycle jeans? The ROKKER Rokkertech motorcycle Tapered jeans are great Midseason, Summer pants from ROKKER. The Rokkertech jeans allow you to combine style, protection and comfort and will therefore especially cater to the needs of Urban/Street riders. This Grey pair of jeans are a great addition to any Urban/Street rider's wardrobe! Is Grey not your favorite color or is this not the right Jeans for you? don't fret we have plenty more motorcycle jeans () in our collection. ROKKER Rokkertech features These Denim jeans from ROKKER are of a construction, and have CE Level 2 hip, CE Level 2 knee protectors to ensure you are protected. These jeans have a AA safety rating.
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Best Price: CAD 378.33

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