Image of REV'IT! Mosca 2 Gloves Black Orange Talla M

REV'IT! Mosca 2 Gloves Black Orange Talla M

REV'IT! Mosca 2 Gloves Black Orange When the mercury rises, the Mosca 2 gloves from REV'IT! are your ticket to cool, controlled rides under the blazing sun. These gloves are a symphony of ventilation and comfort, crafted from drum dyed goatskin and featuring a mesh of technological and design innovations. With full ventilation at the back and strategic airflow on the palm, they're your best defense against the heat. The combination of a short cuff, 4-way stretch material, a handy pull tab, and a secure hook-and-loop closure ensures these gloves are as easy to wear as they are on the eyes. Add to that the advanced 3D SEESOFT knuckle protection, and you've got a glove that not only keeps you cool but also safe. Features of the Mosca 2 * Adjustability: The adjustment tab at the cuff allows for a tailored fit, ensuring the gloves stay in place, no matter the speed or the distance. * Stretch Lips: The stretch lips at the fingers offer added flexibility, making every grip and maneuver more comfortable and precise. * Hook-and-Loop Closure: This reliable closure system guarantees a secure fit while making it quick and easy to put on or take off your gloves. * Tricot Liner: The gloves are lined with Tricot, a material known for its durability and comfort, ensuring a snug fit that lasts. * Conductive Fingertips: The index finger and thumb are equipped with conductive material, allowing you to use touchscreens without removing your gloves. * Ventilation: Fully ventilated fabric and additional ventilation holes keep your hands cool, driving away the heat as you ride. * Protection: With memory foam underneath the knuckle protector and OrthoLite® UltraLite comfort foam at the fingers and palm, these gloves offer top-notch protection without compromising on comfort. Extras of the Mosca 2 * Ease of Use: The pull tab feature prevents cold wind from sneaking in, keeping your hands warm and comfortable. * Material Mastery: A blend of 4-way stretch material, goatskin, microfiber e-touch, corduroy, and PU-coated fabric ensures durability, flexibility, and water resistance. * Stealthy Design: With no reflection features, these gloves offer a sleek, under-the-radar look that focuses purely on performance. Ready to transform your summer riding experience? The Mosca 2 gloves are here to elevate your game. For more insights or to snag a pair, reach out to us (). Curious about more top-tier gear? Swing by our Rev'it gloves () collection for the ultimate in motorcycle apparel.
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