Image of Popcorn Babe Women's Costume ID PKPK2132-S

Popcorn Babe Women's Costume ID PKPK2132-S

A Crowd Favorite We gotta hand it to you. When you told us you wanted to get dressed up like a movie theater popcorn bucket, we thought...there's no way we can make that look good. But we answered your call because we believe everyone should have exactly the Halloween costume they want in life, no matter what.  But now that we see you decked out in this Women's Popcorn Babe Costume, we understand that you must have some kind of 6th sense for great costume ideas. In fact, we're sending you over a job application. Check your email. This look is fun, feisty, and a little bit salty. We think once people take just a single glance at you wearing it, they won't be able to stop—kind of like a bucket of perfect popcorn! Product Details This look makes you look like a container of fresh popcorn, with an emphasis on fresh! The top of the one-piece features textured popcorn on the front. The iconic movie theater container gets re-envisioned as red-and-white-striped leg warmers and one-piece details. The belt is a yellow band that declares "Popcorn" loud and clear (in case there was any doubt). A sweet and flirty mesh overlay skirt covers the back, and a popcorn bucket headpiece pulls the whole look together. Now that we're describing it, we're definitely getting a bit hungry! Ready for a Refill Just remember, everyone loves popcorn. So expect to be in very high demand whenever you wear this clever costume. Good idea thinking this one up! What will you come up with next?

Price: USD 109.99

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