Image of Police Women's Shirt ID FUN9206AD-XS

Police Women's Shirt ID FUN9206AD-XS

It Starts with a Shirt It's weird, isn't it? Sometimes, all you need to make a great costume is a simple shirt. You can be wearing your normal pants, and a few other of your everyday accessories, but that shirt can really make the whole look. Our costume designers took this to heart and created a shirt that you can use to jumpstart your police officer costume. With a realistic, yet comfortable look, it's one of our quickest and easiest ways to put together your look. Design & Details Our costume designers are dedicated to bringing you some great costume options for any occasion! They decided to make a shirt that could be the basis for your costume! This Women's Police Shirt is a simple design, making it the perfect start to any cop cosplay outfit. The shirt is made out of a soft, polyester material that has a button-down front on top. It also has a police patch stitched onto the front to give it a realistic look and a badge on the other side. Just pair it up with a few of our police accessories and a pair of comfortable pants and you'll be ready to head to any party dressed up like a cop.

Price: USD 19.99