Image of Plus Size Women's Honky Tonk Hottie Costume ID DR12547FX-3X

Plus Size Women's Honky Tonk Hottie Costume ID DR12547FX-3X

Line Dance Leader It's easy to assume that a line dance just happens. The music starts, and suddenly a group of people is gathered from the ether to pull off amazing maneuvers in perfect synchrony. Those leaps and heel stops, the shimmy, grapevine, and hitch, too!? It can all be pretty captivating and looks crazy fun, too.  The thing is that they don't just occur. Someone has to get out there and start the fun. Now, we're not sure how everyone else magically figures out the steps and joins in alongside, but we know that it happens on the regular. To get to the point where everyone is having a heel-digging good time, though, someone needs to be the brave soul who guides everyone else. So, if you've got a honky tonk soul that is waiting to step into the spotlight, we have a look that can help! Product Details  Step into the role of a lifetime when you dig your heels into this Honky Tonk Hottie costume. This brilliant bodysuit has a shiny faux leather finish that will shimmer with every shimmy. Classy fringe forms off-shoulder sleeves, and the metallic knit belt features an inspired Western buckle design, too. The neckerchief really pulls the look together, though you will want to add the cowboy hat and your favorite boots for a stomping good time!

Price: USD 79.99

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