Image of Plus Size Womens Deluxe Munchkin Costume ID FUN2037PL-1X

Plus Size Womens Deluxe Munchkin Costume ID FUN2037PL-1X

The Land of Oz is quite a bit more diverse than anyone could have guessed from the little that we’ve been fortunate enough to be exposed to. Our first entry, thanks to a wrong turn on the Kansas Tornado Alley—never let the pups drive your house, folks!—is, of course, the clever and musical inhabitants of Munchkinland! The thing that we hardly noticed in the first visit is how extensive their guild structure is! Between the Lollipop Guild and Lullaby League, we thought we knew them all, but they have two military branches! They’re quite a bit bigger than we thought. So, it should come to no surprise that there are several munchkin residents living in the esteemed upper class of the Emerald City, too. It isn’t all high—and, by that, we mean tall—nobility. Munchkins fit in just perfectly, too, so long as they are fitted well with their bright green garb that shows their welcome status, that is. And, it is time for you to show your emerald tunes, too, thanks to this Deluxe Munchkin Woman costume. The green bodice and striped breadcloth skirt make up a lovely combo of white and lime to hunter green, but colorization isn’t the only requisite for Emerald City entrance. Fear not, though, we’ve got the avant-garde for you, too, in the form of poofy shoulders and a conical green hat. You might be a little weird in other places in the world, but you were meant for Oz. Welcome home!

Price: USD 59.99

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