Image of Plus Size Stealth Ninja Women's Costume ID FUN2713PL-1X

Plus Size Stealth Ninja Women's Costume ID FUN2713PL-1X

Stealthily Stylish  Ninjas are masters of silence. They move without being seen, executing their mission and then vanishing without being spotted. It's very important to their jobs that they're able to go undetected. It's true that their deadly intent is accomplished more smoothly when they slip under the radar, but if a civilian saw a ninja, they'd probably derail the whole mission by asking where they got their cool outfit and wanting to take selfies with a real, live legend.  Product Details Follow the way of the warrior when you wear your exclusive Plus Size Stealth Ninja Costume! The short-sleeved black mesh shirt fastens at the back of the neck and looks amazing when worn beneath the sleeveless wrap tunic with its printed dragon graphic. The wide red waist sash also fastens at the back. The black leggings feature a comfortable elastic waistband and attached red criss-crossed lacing from the ankles to the calves. The red fabric mask conceals your true features, while the fingerless black gloves make it easier for you to grip your weapon.  Make an Entrance Most people think that ninjas only know how to be sneaky. That's actually a misconception: Ninjas are also really good at making a splashy scene when the moment calls for one! Ordinarily, they don't want to draw attention to themselves, but when they're off-duty at a costume party, all bets are off. You have to be seen in order to join in games and hang out with friends. Just be sure to remove all of your throwing stars before joining the crowd on the dance floor. 

Price: USD 59.99

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