Image of Plus Size Nurse MJ Women's Costume | Plus Size Costumes ID SLS2265X-3X

Plus Size Nurse MJ Women's Costume | Plus Size Costumes ID SLS2265X-3X

Budside Manner Some people just don't know how to act when someone is in need of a little tender love and care. Say, for instance, a patient ate a little too much brownie. The world seems like an overwhelming place to them. They're going to need a little help, a little budside manner.  Nurse MJ knows a lot about Budside manner. She turns on the right music. She provides the best snacks. She opens the windows and lets in a little sunshine and birdsong. In short, she makes sure the vibes are right at all times. That's what budside manner is all about! Costume Details This 420-themed nurse costume is just the thing to set the right vibe at your next costumed event. A hazy take on the classic nurse costume, the dress is decorated with green marijuana leaves and the green crosses used to recognize the dispensaries near you. The dress zips up the back, making it easy to slip into without messing up hair and makeup. The sheer neckline and stocking clips on this costume add a flirty twist to this nurse costume that you're sure to enjoy. Complete with green-trimmed cuffs and a mini-nurse cap attached to a headband, this costume is ready to spread a healthy dose of fun as soon as it arrives at your door! So Fresh and So Green The nurse costume is a classic for a reason. It's a whole lot of fun to pretend to dole out medicine and take care of everyone at the party. Now, you can do so with a fresh, green twist. Now, that's what the doctor ordered!

Price: USD 84.99

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