Image of Plus Size La Muerta Women's Costume ID PKPK2247XL-1X

Plus Size La Muerta Women's Costume ID PKPK2247XL-1X

Homecoming Coming home is a wonderful feeling. We all have certain rituals when we go home. Some of us crave those special cookies that only mom can bake. Others return to their special spot in the back yard, under the tree where they had their first kiss. And still others just want to have a drink with their brothers and sisters.  Whatever the homecoming ritual might be, the most important part of coming home is knowing you're welcome. Let the spirits know you're happy to see them with this stunning La Muerta costume! Costume Details This show stopping Le Muerta costume is sure to make your Day of the Dead festivities memorable. The velour body suit has a zipper down the back and a button on the back of the high neck. The bodice features light padding and underwires to ensure the right fit.  The tiered bustle ties around the waist in a black satin bow. Trimmed in crimson ribbon, the skirt brings to mind the traditional Day of the Dead regalia while remaining sleek and modern. The costume is crowned with a headpiece of roses and rays, making sure your entrance to any event gains the attention it deserves!

Price: USD 99.99

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