Image of Plants Vs Zombie Adult Inflatable Wall-Nut Costume ID FUN0649AD-ST

Plants Vs Zombie Adult Inflatable Wall-Nut Costume ID FUN0649AD-ST

Nutt'n To It Halloween is coming up which means zombies will be running up and down the streets. Well, not so much "running", but they will be lazily limping all around town. You might think that candy will fend them off, but that's not what they're trick-or-treating for. Only one thing will satisfy their hunger, BRAINS! Do your part in putting a stop to these hungry zombies when you grab this exclusive Plants Vs Zombie Inflatable Wall-Nut Costume for Adults. Not many people remember that a good offense starts with a good defense. Join the cause and defend the offensive plants as the first defensive plant players receive in the popular video game. As a Wall-Nut, you will keep the zombies at bay as the first line of defense while the farmers grow their plan of attack! Serve as a reminder to all farmers that every extra second is precious in the war against the zombies. Oh, and don't worry about the zombies' teeth. Their bites will feel like a backrub to a defensive unit such as yourself! Product Details This officially licensed product is an exclusive costume created by our very own costume designers. This windbreaker fabric bodysuit is decorated with graphics that come from the video game 'Plants vs Zombie'. With big eyes (that offer limited vision) and a smile, the Wall-Nut will be brought to life once you inflate this costume. The fan is installed on the back of the right hip. It requires 4 AA batteries in order to run. Blow this nut up and slow those zombies down!

Price: USD 59.99

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