Image of Peter Jackson King Kong Deluxe Costume ID TTZSUS101-ST

Peter Jackson King Kong Deluxe Costume ID TTZSUS101-ST

The King Has Returned You can be the King of Skull Island this Halloween when you grab this Peter Jackson King Kong Deluxe Costume. You will amaze and astound everyone at the costume parties this year with your sheer size. When you let out a mighty roar, you will remind them all why you are called KING Kong. After all, the other oversized animals and even the dinosaurs on your ancient island all fear and respect you for a reason, and size has nothing to do with it. Well... maybe a little bit. When you toss on this costume you'll feel ready to climb the highest tower. However, knowing how that turned out for Kong the last time around, you might want to fight that urge. Fighting off tyrannosaurus rexes and giant birds is one thing, but going up against the military strength of mankind is a whole different ball game. Stick to what Kong does best, seducing pretty blonde actresses and belting out mighty roars! Product Details When you grab this deluxe costume, you'll have everything you need to become this mighty titan. It's more than just a monkey suit. You'll have a King Kong shirt made complete with a padded chest and faux fur details. A pair of King Kong pants with more faux fur details. A pair of gloves and shoe covers will give you the hands and feet of this oversized gorilla.  The last and most important part of your transformation is the full-head mask. It has been meticulously crafted to match the appearance of Kong's head and face in the iconic film. The scars, wrinkles, and intimidating teeth are all included!

Price: USD 399.99

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