Image of Pamalican Island ID 105099781848769243

Pamalican Island ID 105099781848769243

Author - Emma Excell, Shirley Chapman
Fiction - Ya - - 2011/05/01 - Matador
Toby and Alice's holiday adventure on Pamalican Island begins with great excitement. The island is a playground of white sand, turquoise sea and lush tropical vegetation. But when Granny begins acting completely out of character and Toby encounters a talking monitor lizard, Dakila, it become obvious that things are not all as they seem on Pamalican. Toby recounts his story but no one believes him. In a desperate attempt to convince at least his sister, Toby and Alice explore the island in search of Dakila. To their horror, they stumble across their own Granny transforming into a lizard and their world changes. They are not prepared for the revelation that Granny has a life in a parallel world of lizards, that they know nothing about. She is in fact a royal lizard returning to her homeland for the first time in nearly forty years. This charming children's story is suitable for 7-9 year olds. A unique blend of fantasy and fiction, Pamalican Island has been inspired by some of Emma's favourite children's authors; Michael Morpurgo, Philippa Pearce and Roald Dahl.

Price: USD 8.69