Image of OppoSuits Wild Rainbow Men's Costume Suit ID OSOSUI0113-40

OppoSuits Wild Rainbow Men's Costume Suit ID OSOSUI0113-40

vibrant and wild Everyone has a favorite color, which can indicate something about your personality! Red is the color of passion and liveliness. Orange is the attention-grabbing color of laughter and fun. Yellow is the color of optimism and happiness. Green is the color of loyalty and nature. Blue represents the path of wisdom and serenity. Of course, violet, or purple, is the color of royalty and prosperity. What do you think they all mean when they're together? product details This Men's OppoSuits Wild Rainbow Costume Suit is a simple suit made from rainbow and animal print fabric. The jacket has all of the brilliant colors in horizontal stripes. It’s a standard 2 button style jacket and features an interior pocket. The matching pants have loops in the waist for a belt. And, yes, don’t forget about the brilliant matching tie! It’s a classic tie-it-yourself kind of tie, so make sure you learn how to tie that classic Windsor knot! rewarding indecision No matter what your favorite color is, this suit captures all of the colors, so you can remain comfortably indecisive about your fave. You’ll enjoy this rainbow-colored suit from OppoSuits! It’s a great outfit for a Pride parade, or just for any old day when you need a jolt of color added to your life!

Price: USD 99.99

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