Image of OppoSuit St Patrick's Girl Green Women's Suit ID OSOSWM-0011-8

OppoSuit St Patrick's Girl Green Women's Suit ID OSOSWM-0011-8

Stylin' Slainte There's a lot of things to raise your glass to this Saint Paddy's day season whether that glass is filled with green beer or an emerald dyed punch. Saint Patrick's Day happens in the midst of March, and if you live in a northern climate, you're still in the midst of winter. The streets are still icy. The wind is blowing. The sky is low and gloomy. It's hard to convince yourself to go out. That's why, once you are finally getting together with your friends then you had better celebrate.  When you're toasting to health, wealth, and fortune despite all the elements outside, you're going to be there with bells on (or shamrocks, in this case).  Costume Details Whether you're living in a wintery climate or somewhere that's sunny, this suit celebrates the joy of Saint Patrick's Day. Perfect for a cozy bar, warmed by a peat fire as well as directing grade school activities. It has an oversized shamrock print over the high-waisted pencil skirt and fitted blazer. The skirt zips up the back and buttons at the top. Buttoning in the middle, this jacket will make you feel professional and fun, all at the same time! Emerald Isle Entertainment Do you have plans this Saint Patrick's Day? Maybe you don't. Either way, this suit will make your Saint Paddy's Day memorable. Whether you're reeling to Irish music with your friends or you're tucking into corn beef and mash with your grandparents, this Opposuit will add a healthy dash of color to any event. Pair this with a Leprechaun hat and a cheery personality and you'll be ready for whatever March 17th throws your way. Who knows, maybe this suit will even help convince any Leprechauns to show you their elusive pot of gold. That's what happens when you venture out in style!

Price: USD 79.99

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