Image of Nolan N70-2 GT Switchback 61 ECE 2206 Multi Helmet Talla M

Nolan N70-2 GT Switchback 61 ECE 2206 Multi Helmet Talla M

Nolan N70-2 GT Switchback 61 ECE 22.06 Multi Helmet The N70-2 GT is a touring crossover helmet born from Nolan's wealth of experience and innovation in this field. Its impressive technical features render it a versatile headgear tailored and crafted especially for the most adventurous motor-touring enthusiasts and the most demanding journeys. The N70-2 GT Switchback is a great multi helmet by Nolan for the multitasking rider. These type of helmets are the epitome of versatility. You can play around with all the removable parts and set up the helmet in various different configurations to tailor to your needs! The N70-2 GT helmet offers versatility with six distinct configurations. This flexibility stems from its three components - the visor, removable protective chin guard, and peak - which can be attached individually, in pairs (visor or peak with the chin guard), or completely removed to adapt to various riding preferences. Safety features Constructed from Polycarbonate, this N70-2 GT offers excellent protection and performance without having to break the bank. Polycarbonate is a widely used material in helmets because of its versatile benefits. It is both lightweight and durable, and it offers excellent shock absorption, providing effective head protection upon impact. The helmet holds approval in a P/J dual configuration, as its detachable protective chin guard has successfully met the homologation standards mandated by UN/ECE regulations for full-face helmets. The chinstrap closure is an important part of the helmet's effectiveness in the event of a fall, and it's also the part you interact with the most when putting on and taking off the helmet. N70-2 GT has a Microlock. This is a patented dual-lever retention system featuring precise micrometric adjustment. It comprises an ergonomically designed thermoplastic opening lever and a secondary aluminum toothed lever for secure fastening. The toothed lever is responsible for releasing the micrometric strip, making it so that the chin strap can only be opened with a wide rotation of the opening lever. This mechanism significantly reduces the risk of accidental release of the retention system. This helmet is ECE 22.06 approved. 22.06 is the newest ECE certification and helmets with this label are safer than its 22.05 predecessors, because they need to meet stricter safety standards. Besides the helmet, the accessories, such as visors are also included in the tests. This safety rating is also road legal in many other countries outside of Europe, such as Australia and Canada. Comfort The exclusive "AirBooster Technology" upper system provides optimal ventilation precisely where the rider's head needs it most. It effectively channels air from the upper air intake directly to the most crucial areas, preventing any air dispersion and ensuring maximum comfort even in the most challenging riding conditions. The Nolan N70-2 GT offers the convenience of a built-in sun visor, which means you can quickly switch between clear vision and protection from bright sunlight without having to change an extra visor. This feature not only increases comfort during long rides, but also ensures that you are always ready for changing weather conditions. With the N70-2 GT's built-in sun visor, you maintain optimal visibility and safety even when the sun is bright. Looks The Nolan N70-2 GT Switchback multi-helmet effortlessly combines style and functionality in a beautifully designed whole. The striking lines running across the helmet create a dynamic look that is both sporty and sophisticated. The harmonious alternation of the colors red, white and blue, enhanced by silver-gray accents, gives this helmet a decidedly attractive and patriotic allure. It is not just a helmet; it is a fashionable expression of adventure on two wheels.
Blanco - Policarbonato

Price: EUR 339.90

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