Image of Murder at the Villa Museum ID 101209781450255080

Murder at the Villa Museum ID 101209781450255080

Author - Roberto de Haro
Hard-Boiled - Mystery & Suspense - 2010/10/14 - iUniverse
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Detective Dale Lipinski is back. This time he is assigned to a high profile murder case that involves the shooting of a beautiful, wealthy socialite working as a curator at a major museum in Malibu. While investigating the case, Lipinski uncovers an unsavory side to the murdered socialite's life. As he pursues his investigation, Lipinski begins to unravel an unsettling trail of sexual entrapment and extortion leading to important people and influential political and corporate leaders in Los Angeles. In the course of his investigation, Lipinski runs afoul of a rich and ruthless family scion and very nearly loses his life. Injured from his brush with death, Lipinski reconnects with a glamorous pornography queen who takes him in and cares for him. As he gets closer to the truth, more and more people want to keep him away from it. Murder at the Villa Museum offers glimpses of West Los Angeles, and the lives of heavy hitters in the City of Angels.

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