Image of Mr Pickles Throne Men's T-Shirt - Black - L 12048819

Mr Pickles Throne Men's T-Shirt - Black - L 12048819

Welcome to his... kennel? Yard? Lair? We aren't quite sure which. One thing's for sure - you'd best watch your step, or he will make a dog's dinner out of you - literally!The Mr Pickles Throne Men's T-Shirt is a unique product, only available here. Created by our talented in-house team, itĀ features a premium-quality design that has been printed on a Black item of clothing.(Our ethical approach ensures that all our products have been responsibly sourced, so comfortably enjoy our incredible offers today.) 100% cotton garmentThis product is compatable with washing machinesTumble-drying instructions provided on the labelMedium-thickness materialOn top of this, our items give optimum comfort, with proportions suited to men and women. For a more casual appearance, please order the size above your usual.Nestled in a small Maine village, Old Town, Mr Pickles is the resident Border Collie of the Goodman family. Isn't he adorable? How could anything that sweet be evil? By going on murderous rampages and reanimating those he kills of course!

Price: EUR 18.49