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Monarchical Republic of Early Modern England The ID 101159780754687580

Author - John F. McDiarmid
Adult - Nonfiction - 2007/12/01 - Ashgate Gower
With its challenging, paradoxical thesis that Elizabethan England was a 'republic that also happened to be a monarchy', Patrick Collinson's 1987 essay 'The Monarchical Republic of Queen Elizabeth I' instigated a proliferation of research and lively debate about quasirepublican aspects of Tudor and Stuart England. In this volume, a distinguished international group of scholars examines the idea of the 'monarchical republic' and tests the concept from a variety of points of view over the course of from the 1530s to the 1640s. New suggestions are advanced about the pattern of development of quasirepublican tendencies and of opposition to them, and about their relation to the politics of earlier and later periods.A number of essays focus on the political activity of leading figures at court; several analyse political life in towns or rural areas; others discuss education, rhetoric, linguistic thought and reading practices, poetic and dramatic texts, the relations of politics to religious conflict, gendered conceptions of the monarchy, and 'monarchical republicanism' in the new American colonies. Differing positions in the scholarly debate about early modern English republicanism are represented and advance the study of quasirepublican elements in early modern English politics.

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