Image of Miss Krueger Costume ID RU888636-M

Miss Krueger Costume ID RU888636-M

Choosing a costume is all about options, but everybody wants to make it sound so one-sided all the time. Is this a trick or a treat? Are you supposed to be funny or spooky? Well, we can't think of any good reason that you should have to choose one or the other. So we try to shake things up a little with outfits like this Miss Krueger Costume, which is proof that horror characters are at their most terrific when they show off the surprising contradictions hidden within each of us. Like, we see the appeal of wearing a form-fitting acrylic dress with daring frayed edges and provocative slashes across the torso. But we would find it a lot more fun if we also got to wear Freddy's iconic brown fedora, or a single glove with 7-inch blades strapped to every finger. It just strikes us as way cooler and more interesting. Plus, if we were looking for a way into the dreams of somebody who doesn't have a lot of nightmares, the mix-and-match approach would seem like the way to go. The rest of the year, we tend to keep things light and simple. But for a topsy-turvy holiday like Halloween, we think it's fine to wear a costume that asks people to step outside their normal comfort zones. And if you really want everybody to squirm, consider adding a gruesome cosmetics kit or a grotesque Freddy Krueger mask to complete the twisted look.

Price: USD 59.99

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