Image of Mighty Matador Costume for Men ID FUN6864AD-XL

Mighty Matador Costume for Men ID FUN6864AD-XL

No Bull Hey, want a vacation? How about heading somewhere that features flavor, color, and danger as the centerpiece of their festivals? What's that you say, you don't have the time to take weeks off and head to Spain this year? Huh, that's a pity. But have no fear, you can set up your very own Spanish festival right here at home! Here are a few ways you and your friends can party like Spaniards. First, you could throw tomatoes at each other like they do in Buñol at La Tomatina festival. Tomatoes, not your thing? How about wine, you can also throw red wine at each other like they do in Haro. It's what they call a "wine battle" and it takes place every year on the twenty-ninth of June. Don't want to make a huge mess? We get it. There's no need to give up on celebrating like a Spaniard. Simply play some Flamenco music, make some paella, and dress as a bullfighter. This way all of your friends can experience Spain with you, no frequent flyer miles needed!  Product Details With our exclusive Made-By-Us costumes, you can be sure you've got a detailed look on your hands. Our designers poured over the intricate costumes from Spain, taking the essential details and applying them to this dashing matador costume. You're sure to love the cropped jacket with gold trim around the hem, shoulder pads, and along the outer side of the pants. The whole look is topped off with a red cape, the traditional hat, and a skinny tie.  Throwing your cape in the Ring Are you ready to get out there with your matador self? This should be good. Just be sure to practice your stoic look so that your bullfighting pictures look "muy guapo" as the folks in Valencia might say. Oh, and watch out for those bulls. They take those red capes personally.  

Price: USD 54.99

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